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Emergency suction device
Emergency suction device


    The Emergency suction device is designed to provide vacuum force over 100mmHg when the silicone bulb is rebounded after each squeeze. Then the emergency suction device can help toeffectivelyevacuate the oropharynx in emergency situation. The evacuated contents will be expelled into a clear bag with system with 2 one-way-valves. The system with 2 one-way-valve is designed allow for continuous operation by one hand with another hand free.

 Special features:

Silicone bulb with high rebound capacity

Vacuum force of over 100mmHg

Clear collection bag + bulb hold over 100ml

A 2 one-way-valve system to allow the oropharynx only flow from one way

Continuous operation to evacuate oropharynx by one hand with double-valves


ESD:  Emergency suction device, natural color


20pc/carton   Carton dimension: 40x30x20cm

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